Responsible Dog Breeders Charter

This charter isn’t to encourage people to buy rather than adopt, but to  promote responsible breeders to those who wish to buy a pedigree dog.

  1. No selling of puppies under 8 weeks old, and/or as defined by law. Prior to this puppies can be pre-sold, but mustn’t leave the breeder;
  2. No mating of females under 12 months old, and/or as defined by law. In medium or large breed dogs even up to 24 months is a more sensible age;
  3. No whelping of puppies from the same female within 12 months, and/or defined by law. Proper accommodation for whelping mothers, and pups;
  4. No more than six litters from one female in her lifetime - this is the legal maximum and in many cases will be too frequent;
  5. No cropping of ears unless for medical reasons, and/or as defined by law;
  6. No docking of tails unless it's a breed where docking is permitted, or it's done for medical reasons. If done, done by a vet, and/or as defined by law;
  7. Allow prospective new owner to see the mother and the litter of puppies, and if possible the father as well. This will allow the prospective owner to see the temperament of the mother, as well as see how the puppies interact;
  8. Both parents will be tested prior to breeding for all the breed specific tests that are recognised by responsible breeders. Proof of tests done, to be shown to prospective owner, and a copy given. This could include as examples  MRI scans, hip testing, genetic testing, DNA testing etc.;
  9. All puppies should be inspected by a vet at least once before rehoming, the first vaccination done, and dewormed. Should the new owner wish to have the puppy inspected by a vet, before concluding the purchase, the  breeder is to be present if breeder wishes;
  10. Breeder will be on hand to help with guidance throughout the puppies lifetime;
  11. If a rehoming doesn’t work out, the breeder will take the puppy back, or at the very least help with finding a new home;
  12. The new owner will be given advice from the breeder on vaccinations required, chipping and ID tagging legal requirements and give a detailed info pack about the breed and how best to look after the pup, including nutritional advice;
  13. No inbreeding - brother to sister, son to mother, father to daughter;
  14. All pure breed dogs should be sold with a pedigree issued by the registered club and at no additional cost. In case of restrictions of future breedings, pedigree can be not transferred on to new owner (kept on breeder's name) by prior agreement;
  15. The breeder shall disclose any ailments, surgical intervention, hereditary defects to which he/she has knowledge of in the bloodline, parent stock or pups that may have direct or indirect affect on the pup or progeny;
  16. The breeder will make sure the puppies are properly socialised, ideally though a scheme such as Dogs Trust Puppy Plan.

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