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German Pointer
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Brown speckled
Special requirements
Worming and flea treatment


is —

playful and easy to train. A wonderful boy who is keen to please his mentor.

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Flick loves swimming and ice cream but his favourite hobby is fetching a ball. He can do that, both on land and on sea, until the cows come home. Very loyal and easy to train. Always ready to please his mentor.

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Caring for a companion animal

If you want to adopt an animal for your children, consider that children can tire quickly of the routine of caring for the animal. Parents often quickly become the animal’s primary caregiver and need to be OK with that. Therefore, adding a new animal family member must be a family decision and a family responsibility.

Ongoing costs to expect

Having a pet is a great responsibility. There are many ongoing costs that you should be aware of. With good, medical exams, vaccinations, medication, toys and cleaning supplies. It is important to understand these costs before committing to adopting a pet.

Suitable home

The size of your home and the location of your home are significant factors that determine how suitable your home is for a particular animal. For example, dogs need a safe fenced section, shelter, shade, and enough space outside in which to exercise, explore, and play.