Malta SPCA's Rehoming Centre in Floriana is the oldest of its kind on the Maltese Islands. Here they aim to provide an efficient rehoming service where animals are guaranteed the best possible living conditions for a kennel and people can adopt with confidence.​

Their dog neutering campaign, jointly coordinated and financially supported by Dogs Trust, has successfully reduced the number of stray dogs in Malta and Gozo. This continues to be maintained by carrying on with efforts to assist people on benefits, farmers and hunters to neuter and microchip their dogs, thanks to a grant from Dogs Trust extended in 2015. After this MSPCA aims to have achieved enough support and success for this project to become self sustainable.

With lobbying and advocacy, long term change in legislation to protect all animals from harm, be it pets or other animals in general is achieved at a local and EU level. Using their relationship with The Animal Rights Group as well as other international organisations.