The Island Sanctuary was originally founded and registered as a charity organisation under the name of Animal Samaritans in 1986 on Manoel Island. With the granting of an official lease to use Fort Tas-Silg, Delimara on 31st August 1991, the Animal Samaritans re-located to a more suitable and beneficial environment and changed its name to The Island Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is supported by the generous contributions of the public and a number of volunteers who dedicate their time to the running of the Sanctuary and the welfare of the numerous dogs within. The Island Sanctuary Association is proud to be able to make a difference.

The Island Sanctuary operates the only fully licensed Pet Incinerator in Malta. Losing a beloved pet is heartbreaking enough, not knowing what to do with the deceased pet makes it much worse. The service has affordable prices and you will be given your pet's ashes once cremation has been done. Your pet will be treated with the utmost respect.