Gozo SPCA was founded back in 1976 by a few people who were dedicated to improving the welfare of small animals on the island. Initially operated as a branch of the SPCA (Malta), now working as a separate oganisation.

Working closely with all of the animal rescue organisations in Malta, but the only such organisation on Gozo.

A clinic was set up in the premises that are used today as a busy strays and re-homing centre. The society works closely with the island veterinarian and all the animals are given regular health checks.

In 2003 a Ministry for Gozo employee, Peter Camilleri, was seconded to the Gozo SPCA to be Strays Officer and to help with the day-to-day care of the animals at the Centre. He comes to the Centre early each morning to clean, feed and exercise the animals. He also attends to most of the outside emergency calls.

Volunteers give Peter a helping hand most mornings.  This has enabled the society to increase its scope considerably, and it is expanding its role in the care of wildlife, particularly birds, working closely with BirdLife Malta in the treatment and care of injured birds.

Volunteers care helpers are always welcome at the centre and particularly town dog walkers morning and evening.

If you have some time to spare email or call.